Elevators: Space Edition

March 9-11 Co-hosted by ISEC
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Elevators: Space Edition

Time & Location

Mar 09, 9:00 AM EST – Mar 11, 5:00 PM EST

About the Event

From Icarus to Jack and the beanstalk, to ancient Anasazi legends – we have dreamed of ascending to the heavens. Usually, these are cautionary tales. “Don’t tempt the gods.” “Don’t rise above your station.” And yet, we rise. First, we dreamed of flying - we achieved it. Then we dreamed of launching - done. The next step was a “giant leap” on the Moon. Now what? Elevators.

Blue Marble Week | March 2021 will explore: - Gravitational Elevators (Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure) and  - Centripedal Elevators (Space Elevators from Earth)

We’ll look at both through the lenses of  1) Hardware, 2) Business, 3) Outreach, and 4) Framework

Join us for a host of speakers discussing the topics of: 1) Workforce Development  2) Infrastructure and Space Hardware 3) The Linkage of Cyber and Space 4) Transportation and Industrial Bases

Please join us!

"If one were to think of Space Elevators as an evolutionary approach for humans to leave the surface of the Earth, then one starts to recognize the essential step that must be taken. It is revolutionary in that it changes the equation of delivery dynamics — rocket equation limiting vs. massive movement of logistical cargo — while it fulfills the customer's needs. It has so many promises, and is seen as an enabler for so many dreams, that it must be pursued, now."

Peter A. Swan, Ph.D.

Executive Director, ISEC

International Space Elevator Consortium

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