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A  B  O  U  T     U  S

Foundation for the Future, along with some of our phenomenal partners, created Blue Marble Week primarily to accelerate near-term cisLunar space infrastructure development - from Earth’s ground to the Moon’s surface, from NOW to 2035. Designed as a monthly event series, Blue Marble Week is the first step in creating a safe and sustainable gateway to outer space.

Blue Marble Week will also focus on connecting the vibrant community of space thinkers and innovators. The precious data and amazing stories shared are crucial as we further expand our reach into Congress and pass the critical SPACE Act of 2021. Proposed by Foundation for The Future, the SPACE Act will create a private-public corporate structure, SPACE Corp to finance space projects.



Blue Marble Week is thoughtfully crafted and brought to you by The Foundation For The Future - a scientific education and public works advocacy 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the creation of a public-private space infrastructure partnership to make space accessible to all.

Over the next year, Foundation For The Future is commissioning research, hosting events, creating educational material, and developing prototypes, all to build a visionary space infrastructure network. All research and education efforts focus on delivering near-term impact, specifically jobs, investment, and opportunities for US workers and companies.


Foundation For The Future's research includes topics such as infrastructure bank designs, locations for advanced materials foundries, the economic impact of spaceport authorities, and the effect of multiple space- infrastructure-focused competitions. 

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